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A specific photography project for members of the Learning to See Photoblog to tackle.  The idea may be an original idea for a project or it may be an idea acquired from others.  If the idea was acquired from others appropriate credit and linking will apply within the project description.

Photography Project

Project 3: Back-lighting / Silhouette

For Project 3 I thought it might be fun to try and shoot a backlit image, often referred to as a silhouette.  These images can be fun to shoot, though sometimes they can also be a little tricky.  Above is an example of a silhouette that I shot while in Washington, D.C. this summer. For more …

Photography Project

Project 2: Intentional Camera Movement

An Adena burial mound with colors and light moving

When at the Learning to See workshop in Santa Fe one of my favorite things was using intentional camera movement to create the effect of motion and bring an image to life.  Since being in Santa Fe I’ve tried this a couple of times and continue to find this very enjoyable.  So, for our week …

Photography Project

Photo Project 1: Kitchen Close Ups

When the idea for this blog was born people started forwarding me ideas for projects.  What I’ve learned is that there are a TON of ideas for photo projects online.  Jennifer Spelman, the workshop instructor who inspired our class to start this project, forwarded a list of 52 photography project ideas from TechRadar. So, for our …