Contributing to Less Talk - More Reps

Are you a fitness professional looking to help others step up their fitness routines?  Do you think getting quality basic instruction shouldn't mean having to pay ridiculous fees?  If so, we'd like to speak to you about contributing to Less Talk - More Reps.


We are looking for individuals who have significant experience in the fitness world.  This can mean a variety of things, but often it means professional competition or employment as a certified trainer. We provide you with the photographic and video content to promote yourself via the web, and in return, you help us provide knowledgable instruction to our viewers.

We are mainly looking for individuals with their own facilities.  

This is not an absolute rule, since our first content was shot in our Indiana studio, but it is not practical for most professionals to fly out to our location.  For most of 2013 & 2014, we will be located in MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA and working around the state.  You do not need to OWN your facilities, but please be sure you can have permission for photo & video content to be captured BEFORE you contact us.  We are perfectly willing to mention and highlight the facility if they want to get some promotion out of the deal.  LTSphoto will NOT pay to use a facility.

On average, each routine takes a minimum of 2 hours to produce.

If you are interested in working with us, please use the CONTACT form and send us a message.  Be sure to include "LESS TALK" in the subject line!