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Photo Project 1: Kitchen Close Ups

When the idea for this blog was born people started forwarding me ideas for projects.  What I’ve learned is that there are a TON of ideas for photo projects online.  Jennifer Spelman, the workshop instructor who inspired our class to start this project, forwarded a list of 52 photography project ideas from TechRadar. So, for our first project let’s take a shot at project # 12, Kitchen close ups, on this list. There are some examples on the page for you to review.

To post a response to the project please register and/or login and go to the projects page and post under Photo Project 1: Kitchen close ups.

Happy shooting!

5 Comments on “Photo Project 1: Kitchen Close Ups

    1. I plan to post a new challenge each Monday. I wasn’t planning on putting a formal deadline on any project at this point, but the idea, at least for now, is to have a challenge a week. So if you’re super motivated you have a week to do a challenge and keep up, but if you want to extend a challenge or have a week away and want to tackle the challenge you’ve missed you still have that opportunity. Does that work?

    1. Hi, Brian. Apologies for the confusion as we work out the kinks.

      1. To post, go to Forums and log in, click on the Photo projects forum and then the “Kitchen close ups” topic. From there you can click on the Reply button. Below the text box entry, there is a place to upload files. Click the Upload Files button and that will include the image in the reply. Let me know if you have any trouble with this.

      2. It’s up to you if you want to combine 3 photos into one to create the triptych or if you want to do one photo, but there is a one photo and 3mb limit for each posting. I can adjust this if it becomes problematic, but I like the one photo limit to allow us to focus on each individual image. If you want to offer more than one photo for the project that’s cool – just reply more than one time.

      Make sense? Thanks for the question and feedback – I’ve had some others reach out and will draft some “instructions.” Your feedback is valuable and welcome to help make sure the “instructions” hit the mark.

      Let me know if you have any additional question or problems.

      1. Please note that the structure of the site has changed and that all posts will occur on the “Projects” page. Instructions for posting are at the top of the projects for easy reference. Let me know if there are any questions. Thanks.

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