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Project 2: Intentional Camera Movement

An Adena burial mound with colors and light moving

When at the Learning to See workshop in Santa Fe one of my favorite things was using intentional camera movement to create the effect of motion and bring an image to life.  Since being in Santa Fe I’ve tried this a couple of times and continue to find this very enjoyable.  So, for our week 2 challenge let’s create an image that uses intentional camera movement either with a zoom lens or with movement in the camera body.  Below are a couple of examples I took recently while at Highbanks, a local Metro Park,  with my partner Kami:

A portrait of Kami with the earth spinning around behind her

Kami while we stopped to rest on a bench in the park

An Adena burial mound with colors and light moving

An Adena Burial mound.  The light and the colors were brilliant and almost magical.  I think that a quick twitch of the camera really helped to bring this out.

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  1. I really like the circular look of the background on the picture with Kami. I need to remember that the farther away portions of the picture will have more movement than the closer portions. I failed during the workshop to get any decent blur photos – this will give me the incentive to experiment some more.

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